Our legal locals

While it’s not something you do everyday, navigating aspects of the law is a necessity for most at some point in their lives. Whether you’re buying or selling a house, preparing a will, or simply running a business, a good legal expert is a valuable asset.

woman and man standing in courtyardLucky for you, there’s no need to be traipsing into Sydney CBD or even Parramatta for expert legal assistance; there is a vast pool of talent right here in Penrith City.

Kristi Towns, owner of aptly named Towns Conveyancing Services, has been providing services to people buying or selling property since 2012. Kristi decided to start her own business as it was “something I loved as I was helping the people in my community”.

Despite being a crucial service for anyone buying or selling property, Kristi has not been immune from impacts of COVID-19. “Covid impacted my business last year purely on time management because I was home-schooling three boys…it was a daily struggle. This year, I’m finding it harder as the phones are quieter, my staff cannot work with me in the office and my boys are growing so the workload is a lot more with schooling and juggling”.

Kristi truly appreciates the support she’s received from the community over the years, with many clients coming back time and again. Kristi makes it her mission to repay that support by seeking out local businesses when making her own purchases.

Coleman Greig Lawyers opened the doors to its Penrith office in 2016 as a growing number of clients and staff came from the region. Andrew Grima, Principal Lawyer based in Penrith, has been living in the local area for all of his adult life and is really passionate about the region and its incredible potential.

Andrew reflected on how the COVID-19 restrictions last year prompted a change to the way his staff work “Coleman Greig were always ahead of it a bit with being paperless, yet we then needed to know how to work remotely…There was a real focus on change management and a push to move forward with technology such as ensuring cyber security and critical software policies.”

Tenancy arrangements is one area that has been more challenging to navigate in the last 18 months. Coleman Greig Penrith have been trying to ease this by offering complimentary sessions to local real estate groups to provide guidance on how to manage landlord and tenant relationships that have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite the ongoing challenges, Andrew is positive about Penrith’s ability to come out the other side “there will be valleys and troughs in business but always try to look for the up-side and find the possibility…rally together and work with your team and maybe even try not to watch the news!”

This is just a snippet of the many great legal service providers in Penrith. So the next time you’re in need of legal services, check out the Penrith Proud business directory to find a legal local.


Image: Karina Ralston and Andrew Grima from Coleman Greig Lawyers Penrith (supplied)