Ask yourself, can I buy this locally?

Ask yourself, can I buy this locally?

The Penrith community has shown its true colours during the COVID-19 crisis and our local businesses have seen tremendous support from new customers and some of their long term fans.

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We need to keep it going by supporting the businesses who keep our local economy moving as the pandemic continues to impact the way they operate or go about their business. You can show you’re Penrith Proud by choosing local over out of area or online purchases wherever possible.

There’s never been a better time to get out and buy a coffee, find your new favourite hairdresser or meet a local accountant or tradie. If you’re working from home, go out and discover our City in a new way. Your local business community will really appreciate it and it could make all the difference in keeping their business going.

Follow Penrith Proud on Facebook or Instagram and share your Penrith Proud moments with us. We’re all in this together and we want to make sure Penrith not only survives the pandemic but thrives, stronger together. You could also win some great prizes thanks to our local businesses.

For a list of participating Penrith Proud businesses click here – and check back as we’ll be adding more all the time!